JR Construction Corporation started as a residential builder in 1985. Since 1985 the business has diversified to include remodels and additions. The services of architecture and construction management are offered to provide greater cohesiveness and continuity in the project.

Completed projects include single-family custom homes, a patio home community subdivision, and many small and large remodels projects. Many of these projects have been designed and built by JR Construction Corporation.

It has been said that a design/build contractor wears "two hats".

The designer hat (first hat) requires an architectural study of the homeowner’s criteria, including functionality and aesthetics. In this phase JR Construction Corp commences with preliminary drawings including floor plans, elevations and details that illustrate the proposed solution to the project. After review of the preliminary drawings with the homeowner, revisions (if any) are completed, then “other hat” takes over.

The builder hat (second hat) requires JR Construction Corp. provide a realistic construction estimate from the preliminary drawings. A detailed spreadsheet is prepared for review and approval by the homeowner. Modifications are often made to the preliminary drawings and estimates are finalized. The construction drawings are completed and construction commences.

By combining these “two hats” in the design/ build process, cost overruns can be avoided. The net result is a great project built on time, with quality and in budget.

JR Construction Corp. also works with architects and interior designers hired directly by the homeowner. JR Construction Corporation becomes a “team member” alongside the homeowner and other professionals. Estimates are provided from preliminary drawings. Recommendations from JR Construction Corp. may include proposed revisions to the design that may improve the construction process, aesthetics, functionality and cost control.

Jerry Rau - JR Construction President & Founder

Jerry Rau is president and founder of JR Construction Corporation. He is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Jerry received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the school of Architecture and Interior Design in 1973.

After graduation from college Jerry started his apprenticeship in architectural offices from 1973 –1977 in Denver, Colorado. Projects included fashion mall stores, hospitals, retail buildings, and residential projects.

In 1978 Jerry became a partner in a design/build residential construction company known as “Wind Tree Homes”. Jerry designed and built single-family custom homes in Genesee, and Parker Colorado.

In 1985 Jerry formed JR Construction Corporation. He serves as the president, architectural designer, and construction manager for JR Construction Corporation.

JR Construction Corp. incorporates a “balanced approach” to the design and construction of projects. Consideration to both phases in a project assures the homeowner realistic dreams can be realized including a “quantity of quality” within the homeowner’s budget parameters.

A walkthrough of the residence (if our remodeling or building and addition) is essential. If you have a conceptual design already started or completed great!! If you’re looking for help in concept and design development were there to assist.

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